To be the prime organization of Professional Social Workers in Sri Lanka



To enhance the Professional Practice of Social Workers and to ensure the quality of the services and the rights of the service users by introducing innovative practices in the field of Social Work



  • Promote and develop profession of Social Work in Sri Lanka
  • Foster high standards of Social Work Practice based on ethics of the Social Work Profession.
  • Work towards advancement of knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies in Professional Social Work.
  • Develop competencies through promotion of Social Work Education, Training, Research, Publication, Experimentation and Development of new Social Work Strategies.
  • Introduce new thinking and approaches towards social problems and implement social welfare and social development programs.
  • Promote and implement projects pertaining to the field of Social welfare community development and social development.
  • Promote linkages locally and internationally with persons and organization working towards social development and also to develop new and innovative professional skills in social work.
  • Promote, foster and support organizations that undertake social welfare and social development work.
  • Enhance the capacity of those who are working in the field of social works and social development.