New Initiatives of SLAPSW

1.       E-skole Project

We are hoping to introduce an innovative project to address the need to
empower the low income group youth specially in Vaharai in the
Batticaloa District and Wilgamuwa in the Matale District.  This is a
special project initiated to integrate Information Communication
Technology into Social Development.  This is a special project which
puts “People First”.

In this process technology and information communication technologies
(ICTs) Will be the methodology which will be utilized to foster social,
economic, political, cultural and environmental development.  Through
this process it is envisaged to improve the level of learning as well as
address challenges within society such as gender, discrimination and

Objectives of the project:

·         To increase ICT literacy in rural settings.

·         To improve the innovative usage of ICT for human development.

·         To create diverse livelihood opportunities through ICT
integration for rural youth and communities.

It is an CSR Initiative.

The partners of the project is Sri Lanka Association of Professional
Social Workers, a Professional body of social workers in Sri Lanka.

London Stock Exchange Group (Millennium Information Technologies MIT) &
Benchmark Innovation (Private) Limited.

2        Training youth as care givers.

This initiative is a special programme designed to train young persons
interested in securing employment as care givers both locally and
internationally.  This will be Diploma Level programme.

This is a joint initiative of  Sri Lanka Association of Professional
Social Workers and TEC Vithanika (Chillaw Diocesan Technical Training

Objectives of the programme are

The Objectives of the training will be

·         To introduce the learner to the health care field of

·         To provide learners with experiences in the classroom and in
the clinical areas that result in development of basic competencies
required of caregivers.

·         To provide the learner with competencies that are
prerequisite to specific areas and job entry.

·         To provide the learner with training required governing
bodies for employment as a caregiver.

·         To provide learners who have completed a caregiver training
program with the opportunities to update their skills.

It will be an initiative for young persons to enhance their knowledge
and skills to work professionally as care providers both locally and

This programme will enable young persons to join the training programme
on very nominal payment  You can either contact SLAPSW through the email or Tec Vithanika on 032 2222417.